National Poetry Day?

apparently it's national poetry day? here's one i wrote and will often recite at live shows. so now seems a good a day as any to share it online.


dear bus replacement services,

you come at times of need and strife, to people in the travelling life.

though i appreciate your attempt at this. i think you'll find that i'm rather pissed.

i have a suitcase and a keyboard in tow, as i am returning from a show.

it's rather cramped and i'm rather tired, from this gig for which i was hired.


i got to my destination with minimal fuss, because i did not take a fucking bus.


that takes four times longer than the train, i must admit that i feel... disdain.


because there is no room and its full of twats,

you have no decent sized luggage racks.

you haven't checked my ticket, you just let me on and waved.

and for that pricey travel, i wish i hadn't paid.


there's no trains to leave from leeds, nor birmingham as well.

and by the time i get to brighton, i'll hope you've burnt in hell.


so i'll struggle with these bags, upon this shit cramped bus.

i'll write some words while travelling, that read and sound as thus...


fuck you.