Ron Moody.. Reviewing The Situation

Very sad to hear both Christopher Lee and Ron Moody have passed. Ron Moody in particular... I was obsessed with this song when i was a little one. (Link to song at bottom of page)

I would keep rewinding the video tape back to listen/watch it again and act it out.

It's this sort of song that ingrained itself into my mind as a kid and i believe its played a massive influence on what i do today.

when i started travelling more and more with shows, i would do this to end my sets. it was also my final song in 'villains' with pustra, before i meet my grisly end near the close of the show... and as a little tribute.. it was also near the end of my last solo show 'ginfully yours'.

i'm going to sing it this weekend. it will go out to ron moody.

thanks for being one of the loveable bad guys that inspired me to be a loveable bad guy too.

thank you. 

Ron Moody - Reviewing The Situation