"The king of cabaret noir" - The Metro

"Not to be missed" - Vanity Fair

"An evening chock full of indecent hilarity. This one-man song and dance feast will leave you gobsmacked for all the right reasons" - Time Out Melbourne

“A well-sussed, well tasty exponent of Commedia del’ Arte farce, he knows his theatrical history backwards, and frequently, vomits it mashed-up Exorcist-style, to fabulously startling effect” - QX - ★★★★★

‘Beguiling mix of 30’s Berlin glamour and comically-sinister Disney villain… A deliciously malevolent energy’ - Broadway Baby - ★★★★

‘If you get the chance to see Joe Black perform then grab it with both bejewelled hands, don some rhinestones and slink your way down to this (metaphorically) smoky lair.’ - This Is Cabaret - ★★★★★

"His show is like nothing I have ever encountered before – it is absurd, terrifying, and brilliantly original and I desperately want to go again, and again. If this is the future of modern British cabaret then I am 100% behind it. Go, order yourself a large gin, take a seat, and be taken on a musical journey you hadn’t even dreamed was possible" - Scotsgay Magazine - ★★★★★

"Charismatic and downright filthy... There can be no one else quite like him" - Broadway Baby -  ★★★★

"Compelling cabaret cadaver-ette... More seamless than a Venusian onesie" - Belfast Telegraph - ★★★★★

"Black is out and out the best performer I’ve seen this Fringe. He is a living cartoon. Larger than life, buzzing with frenetic energy. You might almost believe that, like an animation, he can contort reality as suits" - Fringe Review

"The sharp tongue of a vaudeville veteran" - Total Tattoo

"Stunning!" - Amanda Palmer

"Amazing!" - Jonathan Ross

"He's funny, fearless and probably not anything you could ever imagine - or want to take your mum along to see - but nothing can detract from his blood-curdling brilliance" - Reading Chronicle

"Captivating" - David J, Bauhaus/Love & Rockets

"Wonderful! So good!" - Jimmy Carr

"I feel like i'm in a David Lynch movie!" - Michelle Visage

"What Joe Black gives the punters is entertainment in its pure, unadulterated form. Leave all prejudiced misconceptions at the door and allow yourself to simply be blown away" - Malta Times

"Dedicated, sweet-natured and uniquely gifted, Black is the new black" - Bizarre Magazine

"Effective numbers on a grisly theme" - Time Out London

"Le freak c'est chic" - Rockstar Magazine

"Charmingly demented. Black is clearly a true cabaret performer" - Theatre Press Australia

"He is as at ease rubbing alabaster shoulders with Dita Von Teese as he is singing about anal sex. ditty scribbler, consummate poser, vaudevillian Disney filth - he is Joe Black." - Devolution Magazine

"This man is freakishly foxy, with cheekbones to die for and talent to match. Burlesque Bible loves Joe Black!" - Burlesque Bible Magazine

"Hellishly hot" - The Irish Independent

"Fantastically creepy" - Erotic Review

"Victorian music hall with edgy profanities and dark comedy" - Terrorizer Magazine

"A persona that is at once winning and edgy" - The Skinny

"Suitably wicked and woeful" - The Londonist

"Brilliant! Loved it mate! RHHHHHEEEYYYYY!" - Amy Winehouse

"He is mesmerising, filthy, intelligent and hilarious." - Reflections of Darkness Magazine

"Vaudevillian burlesque king" - GCN Ireland

"Like a dark musical. Rah rah!" - Paloma Faith

"Theatrical, funny and never afraid to cross the boundaries of good taste" - Matt Merritt, callupontheauthor.com 

"Expect to be immensely entertained!!" - Devolution Magazine

"The darkest star in cabaret" - Bizarre Magazine  

"I like him" - Martyn Jacques, The Tiger Lillies

"Fantastic" - Duke Special

"Like making a conference call to Bedlam lunatic asylum; It's like you're conducting a pleasant-yet-bonkers chit chat with several people" - Bizarre Magazine

"Brilliant songwriter Mr Black has the kind of voice only decades of wickedness can produce. You have been warned!" - scene-out.com 

"Shockingly beautiful" - Music Video Sunday

"Cultured, clever, unusual" - Marcella Puppini, The Puppini Sisters  

"Like a twisted dream or a frightening reality Joe Black is going to warp your minds and caress even the blackest heart" - Devolution Magazine

"Outrageous. Defies description" - Portsmouth News   

"Nasty delicious dark cabaret" - Sxip Shirey